Making the Creative Process Visible

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Group B: Key Characteristics of Drawing in the Development of Ideas and Exploration of Surrounding World

How Images Enable the Development of Ideas:

As part of setting up their studio space and beginning their practice on the MA, Students were asked to compile 100 words and 100 images. This was easily done as images could be photographs, drawings, postcards, books etc and words could be singular, part of general documentation or generated specifically for the exhibition ‘Beginning Approaches’.

When the exhibition was installed, the MA cohort were divided into 3 groups and each asked to identify common themes in the way students had initiated their ideas.  Group B were asked to identify ‘in what ways students had used imagery  to develop ideas and explore the surrounding world’.

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Students also went on a field study trip to ‘Nash Point’, Cardiff and were asked to explore the environment though drawing. They were introduced to the concept of pre-reflexive thought as explored in our drawing resource responding intuitively to their surroundings; to their senses of touch, sound and the experience of their bodies when exposed to severe climate and to being at the very edge of land.


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